The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a national memorial in Washington, D.C. It honors U.S. service members of the U.S. armed forces who fought in the Vietnam War, service members who died in service in Vietnam/South East Asia, and those service members who were unaccounted for (Missing In Action) during the War.

Its construction and related issues have been the source of controversies, some of which have resulted in additions to the memorial complex. The memorial currently consists of three separate parts: the Three Soldiers statue, the Vietnam Women's Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, which is the best-known part of the memorial.

The main part of the memorial, which was completed in 1982, is in Constitution Gardens adjacent to the National Mall, just northeast of the Lincoln Memorial. The memorial is maintained by the U.S. National Park Service, and receives around 3 million visitors each year. The Memorial Wall was designed by American architect Maya Lin. In 2007, it was ranked tenth on the "List of America's Favorite Architecture" by the American Institute of Architects.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is not just a monument but for many who visit it a poignant experience. It is a reminder of what war can do to a country, in this case the tragic lost of 58,286 of its young men and women who died in that Conflict.

A young woman named Maya Lin designed the wall, which is now recognized world over by its architectural success. Although at one point there was some doubt that this architectural success would even occur.

Millions now visit this wall every year, and it has been purported to be the one of the most visited of the monuments in Washington, D.C. It is said that at any time of the day there is someone paying his or her respect to the thousands of names that are etched in black granite. Many leave mementos at the Wall, thousands of which have been collected and consequently cataloged by the Smithsonian.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has been compared to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, i.e. where people feel a strong need to make a pilgrimage. It is said by those who have visited this Wall, it has helped them to heal old wounds. And the sight of this Wall stirs many emotions, and has even driven grown men to tears.

Others have called this Wall, "the Black gash of Shame and Sorrow" basically because the use of black granite put into such a stark angular form reminds them of just that, i.e. a gash in the earth that represents a war where many fellow Americans had to give up their lives. Interesting Monument in AZ

Never knew about this before. It is on I-17 just north of Phoenix , AZ.  Might be of interest for the blog or the newsletter.
FW: Interesting Monument in AZ

 Once a Year at 11:11 am the Sun Shines Perfectly on this Memorial At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the sun’s rays pass through the ellipses of the five Armed Services pillars to form a perfect solar spotlight over a mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States.

Photograph by Mike Spinelli

The Anthem Veterans Memorial, located in Anthem, Arizona , is a monument dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of the United States armed forces. The pillar provides a place of honor and reflection for veterans, their family and friends, and those who want to show their respects to those service men and women who have and continue to courageously serve the United States .   
The memorial was designed by Anthem resident Renee Palmer-Jones. The five marble pillars represent the five branches of the United States military. They are staggered in size (from 17 ft to 6 ft) and ordered in accordance with the Department of Defense prescribed precedence, ranging from the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy, the United States Air Force and the United States Coast Guard.

Photograph via Anthem Community Counci

Photograph via Anthem Community Council

Photograph via Anthem Community Council
Additionally, the brick pavers within the Circle of Honor are inscribed with the names of over 750 U.S. servicemen and women, symbolizing the ‘support’ for the Armed Forces. The pavers are red, the pillars are white, and the sky is blue to represent America ’s flag. The circle represents an unbreakable border. Anthem resident and chief engineer, Jim Martin was responsible for aligning the memorial accurately with the sun.

Anthem Veterans Memorial
41703 N. Gavilan Peak Parkway
Anthem , AZ 85086
(623) 742-6050

FW: Interesting Monument in AZ

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