Vietnam Veterans of America

Henderson, Nevada
Veterans Helping Veterans
Serving ALL Veterans in

Southern Nevada

FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Executive Officers

Election Committee

President - Neil Johnson
Calvin Haggen
□ John Scaduto
□ Vice-President - Marty Barrett                         
Tony Pinkard
□ Richard Walker   
□ Secretary - Tina Sansouci

  Ramiro Parocua
Jack Constantine
□ Asst. Secretary - Fred Hagenbeek                
Jack Constantine
Leonard Griffin
Treasurer - Jim Croft
□ Richard Walker - Chaplain
Sgt.-At-Arms - Paul Scott
□ State Delegate -
State Delegate Members -          At-Large - Neil Johnson

1)    Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
a)    Salute to the Colors led by Neil Johnson.
b)    Prayer by Cal Haggen

2)    Roll Call of Officers and Directors: All Officers and Directors were present with the exception of Tina Sansouci, Paul Scott and Fred Hagenbeek who were excused.

3)    Guests included:  Dan Waymack, Charles Hopkins, and Ray Morgan.

4)    Secretary’s Report: Motion to accept the Secretary’s Report was made by Tony Pinkard.  Motion seconded and passed by member vote.

5)    Financial Report:
a)    Beginning Balance                   $   23,451.71
b)    Deposits                                      $     1,477.61
c)    Expenditures                              $        274.95
d)    Ending Balance                                     $   24,654.37
e)    Motion to accept the Financial Report was made by Marty.  Motion seconded and passed by member vote.

6)    Unfinished Business:
a)    Activities Committee Report: 
i)     This year’s Chapter picnic will be held on April 29, 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Cornerstone Park in Henderson.
ii)    Cookies sales prior to our Chapter meetings have started again.  Income from the sale of cookies goes to the cost of our annual Christmas dinner.
b)    Budget Meeting (Cal):  The Budget meeting will be held at the March 1, 2018, Board of Director’s meeting.  A draft of the new annual budget has been sent to the Board members.
c)    Service Dog (John):  A new contract with Michael’s Angel Paws has been signed.  Beginning February 1, 2018, they started looking for a dog to pair with a veteran for training.  The first payment has been issued. 
d)    April Elections:  Two positions are available:  Secretary and one Director.   Any position that a member would like to take on as a challenge is welcome to run for that position
e)    Fundraisers (Jack Constantine):  
i)     There is a fundraiser at the Bass Pro Shop tomorrow, February 9, 2018, and Saturday, February 10, 2018.  Jack passed around a volunteer list. 
ii)    Partial List of fundraisers for this year include the Galleria at Sunset; Bass Pro Shop, and Boulder Dam CU in April.  More information to come.
f)     2018 Membership Drives (Marty): Paul Scott wants to help at SW Clinic on Wednesday’s before the Chapter meeting.  He will coordinate with Marty Barrett.  Lance stated they will send out a notice on time and location.
g)    Members-At-Large Outreach (Marty): No report.
h)   Election By-Laws (Marty): VVA National wants us to give all the DD 214’s back.  An amendment needs to be made to the By-Laws regarding the handling/disposition of the DD 214’s on file. Notice will be sent to members and if they do not want their DD 214 returned, it will be shredded.
i)     Chapter Activities Fund Balance (Jack): There is a total $740.00 in the Chapter Activities Fund available.

7)    Other Unfinished Business:  None

8)    New Business: 
a)    Catholic War Vets Report (Neil):  Catholic War Vets submitted Monthly Welfare Program Reports for the months of June through December 2017.  Finance Committee reviewed these reports and approved them.
b)    Nevada State Vietnam Veterans Celebration (NSVVC) at the Grant Sawyer Bldg. on March 29, 2018, at 1:30 p.m.  A few of us have been working with the state of Nevada on the Vietnam Veterans Day celebration on March 29.  At the Grant Sawyer Building, they are going to be holding a celebration of the survivors of the Vietnam era.  Recognition will be given to the POWs, MIAs and KIAs.  All Chapter member are invited to participate.  Attire request, our standard black uniform (black pants and shirt).  There will be refreshments which we are looking to provide.  The Activities Committee is in the process of obtaining the refreshments that have been requested. 
c)    Palm's Mortuary presentation.  For those who are looking for something other than a state or federal plot burial, they are willing to come out and share with you what your options are and what the added expenses are.  They are willing to discuss what the potential hidden costs may be associated with the Boulder City Veterans Cemetery as well.  If you are interested, please contact the Secretary and your information will be forwarded to Palm’s Mortuary.  One on one meetings are available to everyone at your home, the Palms Mortuary on Boulder Hwy. and/or a group at the VFW for a group of 6 or more.

9)    Other New Business: 
a)    The Chapter was informed of the Veterans Medical Transport Network.  They transport veterans to ANY medical or dental appointment they have.  Arrangements need to be made 4 to14 days in advance.  This is FREE  transportation.
b)    SW Clinic has not gotten water in four to five months.  They will be included in water delivery.
c)    Veteran’s Reporter News:  The majority of the spelling and contact information errors have been corrected.
d)    Voicemail is now activated on the Cricket phone so the number will take messages. The Chapter Secretary has the phone and will relay any messages necessary.

10)   Announcements:
a)    Gun Show at the World Market Center on February 10 – 11, 2018.  Location for the
b)    Chapter 17 fund raiser at Black Bear Diner on Feb. 13, 2018, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  The address is 8565 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV.  Ten percent (10%) of the proceeds will be for Veteran medical and support services.
c)    VVA State Meeting will be held at Chapter 17 on Saturday, February 17, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
d)    Ram Parocua thanked the President for his service and his dedication and informed the Chapter that it was Neil Johnson’s birthday today.
e)    Tony Pinkard spoke with Judge Stevens this afternoon and asked if he had a need for any monies.  Judge Stevens replied he did not but if the need arises, he will let the Chapter know.
f)     Ram Parocua informed the Chapter that for those who participated with PBS to record your experiences in Vietnam, PBS going to have a meeting in March on the last Friday of the month at 11:00 to do final editing of individual presentations.  If you want to have your experiences included in the program, you need to attend that meeting.  The PBS program will air on March 29.
g)    RSVP program is disbanding as of March 18, 2018.  There is no funding for the program.

11)   Salute to the Colors by Neil Johnson.

12)   Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Christine Sansouci

  Vietnam Veterans of America 
                                                  Chapter 1076
Henderson, Nevada
Veterans Helping Veterans
Serving ALL Veterans in
                                                  Southern Nevada                                     

SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

Executive Officers

Election Committee

P President – John Scaduto
P Donald Sacco
P Dave Hugus
P Vice-President – Bob Lough
P Louis Rothenstein
P Donald Sacco
A Secretary – Tina Sansouci
P Calvin Haggen
P Richard Walker
A Asst. Secretary – Tom Walls
P Neil Johnson

P Treasurer – Anthony Pinkard
A Mitchell Roach
P Richard Walker – Chaplain
A Sgt.-At-Arms – Paul Scott
P State Delegate – Dan Bounds
A State Delegate Alternate – Richard Keirn

1)  Opening
a)    Salute to the Colors By Lance Ryness
b)    Prayer By Richard Walker

2)  Roll Call of Officers By President Scaduto

3)      Introduction of Guests:  Michael's Angels Paws-Service Dogs, Stephanie Herkon-trainer;  Noel and Nick Starks and dog Ace; John Edwards and dog Maggie; VFW-Rick Smith-One Hero at a Time Fish Fry Fund Raiser; Terry Burke-Sam's Club Community Events Coordinator; Daniel Peterson; Dennis Machala; Rick Sword; William Reed; and Allen Roller. Andrew LeDuc from Chapter 17, part of our Agent Orange Council.
4)  Secretary’s Report
a)    Motion made by   Bob Lough
b)    Seconded by  Neil Johnson
c)    Accepted as is.

5)  Financial Report
a)    Balance                                                           $19,713.05
b)    Deposits                                                          $1,160.00
c)    Expenditures                                                  $7,726.24
d)    Totals                                                               $20,873.05
e)    Ending Balance                                            $13,146.81
f)     Motion made by  Bob Lough
g)    Seconded by  Dan Bounds
h)   Passed as is.

6)  Committees:
a)    Agent Orange: I explained finalization of letterhead, business cards, banner and    shirts. Neil updated on the meeting invitation by American Legion 2nd District Commander Joel Forman to speak on Agent Orange. Both Neil and Andy Leduc, Chapter 17, attended. All District 2 commanders were present making it a very positive connection. While at the post they were able to do two more presentations. DAV and Women’s Auxiliary.
b)    Benevolence/Cemetery: Don indicated there were two funerals. Army and Navy.
c)    Budget: Motion by Bob Lough to accept and second by Sterling Taylor. Motion passed.
d)    Fundraising:  Verified Albertsons 25th-27th, 9:00 to 5:00. Looking for a second store.
e)    By-Laws:  No comments from David at this time.
f)     Gun Shows:  Neil short update on the recent South Point Gun Show.
g)    Election:  David updated our election status for 2016. Feb of 2015 the Board voted two year term limits for the Vice-President and President. Both Bob Lough and John Scaduto are eligible for a second term in April 2016.
h)   Historian:  I have been organizing pictures and need to send out forms for members to submit pictures and bio.
i)     Membership: Tom Walls still recovering. John requesting an assistant secretary.
j)      Parade:  Eugene Palmer not present. May be doing Veterans Day Parade Nov 11th. Chapter 17 trailer available. Liability form needed.
k)    Public Affairs:  Bob reminded us we have the Ho Olaule A Festival this weekend.
l)     Special Events:  Bob mentioned that Robert Serge had talked about the possibility of doing an event called Nam Jam. An event done in Arizona.
m)  State Delegate:  Dan has finished the requirements for running for a State Council position and is going to run. Next meeting will be in Tonopah.

7)  Old Business
a)    Update by Don Sacco on Chapter Activities Fund.
b)    Status of purchasing underwear/socks for distribution at Veterans Service Fair on   Wednesday, Oct 7. This is what we are giving away. Socks only.
c)    Plans for Vietnam Veteran’s Day/Nam Jam 2016. Robert Serge investigating.
d)    Joint Christmas Party will be with DAV and Purple Heart. Sunset Station
e)    Other old business

8)  New Business:
a)    Volunteer protocol at fundraisers/events. Protocol list has been made but has not been reviewed by the Board. Slacks with the appropriate top should be worn. 
b)    Shriner’s Golf Tournament, Summerlin, October 17-25, 2015. We have 200 tickets at $30.00 each. Flyer to be sent out to the members. Tickets explained by Col. Olds.     VP Bob Lough in charge.
c)    VVA National committees we should have at the Chapter level.  We should have subject matter experts in all major areas that affect veterans.  Certification of some members as Veteran Advocates through the NDVS.  (Lou)
d)    Other new business. Donated Bronze Eagle to be raffled off for Agent Orange
Funds. 1 ticket for $5.00, 5 tickets for $20.00. Drawing Jan 9th, 2016, at Chapter 17.

9)  Announcements
a)    Reminder of 25th Annual Ho'olaule'a Festival September 12 & 13, 2015.
b)    One Hero at a Time Car Wash on October 10, 2015, at the American Legion Post 40, 425 East Van Wagenen Street, Henderson.
c)    Pizza Party at the Veteran’s Home in Boulder City, Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 2:00pm
d)    American Legion Post 40 Filling out Claims Oct 9th.
e)    Rick Smith, VFW Post 3848, One Hero at a Time Fish Fry Fund Raiser Oct 3rd, cost is $10.00.
f)     One Hero at a Time, Oct 17th at Jokers Wild. Noon till 10:00 pm. Headling: The Fab.
g)    Greaser's VFW Car Show, November 14th. Hoover Hotel.
h)   Hat passed. $195.00.
i)     Raffle winner Tony Pinkard. Turned his share back to the chapter.

10)   Salute to the Colors by Lance Ryness

11)   Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.

Submitted by Fred Hagenbeek for
Christine Sansouci


Vietnam Veterans of America
Chapter 1076
Henderson, Nevada
Veterans Helping Veterans
Serving ALL Veterans in

Southern Nevada

AUGUST 13, 2015

Executive Officers

Election Committee

□ President – John Scaduto
□ Donald Sacco
□ Dave Hugus
□ Vice-President – Bob Lough
□ Louis Rothenstein
□ Donald Sacco
□ Secretary – Tina Sansouci
□ Calvin Haggen
□ Richard Walker
□ Asst. Secretary – Tom Walls
□ Neil Johnson

□ Treasurer – Anthony Pinkard
□ Mitchell Roach
□ Richard Walker – Chaplain
□ Sgt.-At-Arms – Paul Scott
□ State Delegate – Dan Bounds
□ State Delegate Alternate – Richard Keirn

1)      Opening:  Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m.
a)    Salute to the Colors by Paul Scott
b)    Prayer by Don Sacco

2)      Roll Call of Officers:

a)    Present:
John Scaduto
Bob Lough
Tina Sansouci
Tony Pinkard
Paul Scott
Donald Sacco
Louis Rothenstein
Cal Haggen
Neil Johnson

b)    Absent:
Mitch Roach
Dan Bounds
Tom Walls

3)      Introduction of Guests:

a)      Jerry Thompson, USAF, Vietnam 1971 – 1972.
b)      Randy Koenig, US Army, Vietnam April 1968 – June 1969.
c)      Ken Kaneshiro, U S Army, Vietnam 1969 – 1970.
d)      RIck Hillis presented Certificate of Appreciation to Chapter 1076 from “One Hero at a Time”.  He also presented framed pictures of Specialist Bryan Jacobs taken at the ‘One Hero at a Time” ceremony.

4)      Secretary’s Report

a)    Motion to accept made by Bob Lough and seconded by Bob Serge.
b)    Motion to accept Secretary’s report voted on by the membership and accepted.

5)      Financial Report

a)    Balance                                                           $14,993.82
b)    Deposits                                                          $  6,377.00
c)    Expenditures                                                  $  1,657.77
d)    Totals                                                               $21,370.82
e)    Ending Balance                                            $19,713.05
f)     Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report made by Bob Lough and seconded by Eugene Palmer.  Motion to accept Treasurer’s report voted on by the membership and accepted.

6)      Committees:

a)    Agent Orange:  Fred Hagenbeek, Chair; Pat Sakurai; Neil Johnson:  They have put together notebooks and are ready to start doing presentations.  Notebooks cost $45.00 to copy.  Cards and donation pins are ready for distribution at the gun shows.  Trial presentation to be sometime in September

Board of Director’s decided to donate $500.00 in startup funds to the Agent Orange Committee.  Agent Orange will have their own separate account for Agent Orange funds in anticipation that they will become self-sustaining. 

Possible balloon release at a later date was also discussed.

b)    Benevolence/Cemetery:  Don Sacco, Chair; Ken Vieth; Tom Walls; Dixie Thompson:  Don Sacco reminded members of the services for homeless veterans at the Veterans Cemetery every Thursday at 8:30 a.m.  Don also mentioned the Veterans Home was in need of keyboards at which time Gerald Thompson donated one keyboard.  Motion was made by Don Sacco to donate $425.00 toward the purchase of keyboards.  Motion seconded by Jim Croft.  Motion voted on by
Membership and accepted.

c)    Budget:  David Hugus, Chair; Anthony Pinkard; Cal Haggen:  Cal Haggen stated that everything about the Budget is in the Financial Report distributed by Tony Pinkard.

d)    Fundraising:  Jack Constantine, Chair; Daniel Bounds; Eugene Palmer:  Date of next fundraiser is September 25-27, 2015.

e)    By-Laws:  David Hugus, Chair:  Nothing to report.

f)     Gun Shows:  Neil Johnson, Chair; Lance Ryness; Al Lopez; Fred Hagenbeek:  Twelve people have signed up to volunteer at the Henderson Gun.  There is another gun show on August 29-30, 2015, at the Cashman Center. 

Neil Johnson and Paul Scott to be reimbursed $25.00 for the cost of 10 cases of water donated to the Vet Center at Stephanie & Warm Springs.

g)    Election:  David Hugus, Chair; Don Sacco; Richard Walker:  As elections aren’t until April 2016, there was nothing to report at this time.

h)   Historian:  Fred Hagenbeek, Chair; Louis Rothenstein:  Nothing to report.

i)     Membership: Tom Walls, Chair; Don Sacco; Daniel Bounds:  Tom Walls unable to continue as Assistant Secretary.  Fred Hagenbeek is taking over Tom’s duties.  There is a Life Membership price special of $100.00 from now until December 31, 2015.

j)      Parade:  Eugene Palmer, Chair; Cal Haggen; Jack Constantine:  Eugene Palmer stated is going to meet with the General Manager at Mercedes.  Eugene needs to know specifically how many vehicles and people will be involved.  It was determined we will need three vehicles. 

k)    Public Affairs:  Bob Lough, Chair; Richard Walker; Fred Hagenbeek:  Bob Lough and Neil Johnson to get together for Agent Orange Awareness Month.

l)     Special Events:  Bob Lough, Chair:  Hawaiian Festival, September 12 and 13, at the Henderson Pavilion on Water Street starting at 9:00 a.m.  Chapter 1076 will have a table and set up will be on September 11.  Volunteers needed for September 11-13.

m)  State Delegate:  Daniel Bounds, Chair; Richard Keirn (National VVA Convention):  Dan went to the meeting in Reno.  No one went to National meeting.

7)      Old Business:

a)    Update on ICE information:  Paul has received 49 responses out of 108 possible responses.  Process of obtaining this information is ongoing.

b)    Update on Chapter Activities Fund:  Don Sacco reported a total of $987.50 in the Chapter 1076 Activities Fund.

c)    Status of purchasing underwear/socks for distribution at Veterans Service Fair on   Wednesday, October 7:  Board of Director’s decided the Chapter will donate socks at the Service Fair.  The sum of $500.00 was budgeted for procurement of socks.  We go a good deal from Goodwill and so far $445.51 has been spent on socks.

Neil Johnson also mentioned that if members had a coat in good useable condition that they wished to donate that they could drop it off at the VFW or at the next Chapter meeting.

d)    Michael's Angels Paws will have a presentation with the three veterans and their dogs that the Chapter has sponsored.  Presentation to be at the September monthly membership meeting.

e)    Plans for Vietnam Veteran’s Day/Nam Jam 2016:  March 29th of each year is Vietnam Veteran’s Day.  Chapter 1076 would like to do a Nam Jam in 2016.  Bob Serge discussed previous Nam Jams and what is involved with one.  He is going to try to partner with One Hero at a Time.   Currently in the preliminary stages of planning.

8)      New Business:

a)    Date set for December 4, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. for the appreciation lunch at VA SE clinic

b)    Andy LeDuc, VVA Chapter 17, presented Chapter 1076 with a plaque from National VVA Headquarters.  Plaque was for most membership growth in the 25-50 member category. 

c)    Bob Lough mentioned the Shriner’s Golf Tournament in Summerlin on October 17-25, 2015.  Chapter has sold tickets for the last couple of years.  Tickets are $30 each and we keep the $30.  Veteran’s tent will be set up on the ninth tee. Motion made by Bob Lough and seconded by Bob Serge that Chapter 1076 sell tickets for the golf tournament.  Motion voted on and passed by membership. 

9)      Announcements:

a)    Neil mentioned Palms Mortuary is holding a meeting to answer questions regarding what forms are required for a deceased veteran to receive a plot, a flag and a headstone. 
b)    Lou Rothenstein informed members of the VFW fish fry on October 3.  Tickets for sale here for One Hero at a Time.
c)    Lou Rothenstein informed membership of the Spirit of ‘45 show is this weekend, August 14-15 at the Silverton.

10)   50/50 Drawing:  Total funds collected:  $100.00.  Winner of $50.00 was Eugene Palmer.

11)   Salute to the Colors by Paul Scott.

12)   Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Christine Sansouci


12 MARCH 2015

Executive Officers
Election Committee

□ President – John Scaduto
□ Donald Sacco
□ Dave Hugus
□ Vice-President – Bob Lough
□ Louis Rothenstein
□ Donald Sacco
□ Secretary – Tina Sansouci           
□ Calvin Haggen
□ Richard Walker
□ Asst. Secretary – Tom Walls

□ Treasurer – Anthony Pinkard
□ State Delegate – D. Bounds
□ Ken Vieth - Chaplain
□ Sgt.-At-Arms – Dave Hugus
□ State Alternate – R. Keirn

1.   Call to Order

2.   Opening Ceremonies: 
Salute to the Colors
Opening Prayer

3.   Roll Call of Officers and Directors

4.   Financial Report
A.   Motion to pass made by  ____________________________
B.   Seconded by   ______________________________
C.   □Passed   □Passed with Changes: $______________

5.   Secretary’s Report
A.   Motion to pass made by  ____________________________
B.   Seconded by   ______________________________
C.   □Passed   □Passed with Changes: ______________

6.   Committee Reports:
A.   Agent Orange:  Fred Hagenbeek, Chair;
B.   Benevolence/Cemetery:  Don Sacco, Chair; Ken Vieth; Tom Walls; Dixie Thompson
C.   Budget:  David Hugus, Chair; David Hugus, Chair; Anthony Pinkard, Cal Haggen
D.  By-Laws:  David Hugus, Chair
E.   Election:  David Hugus , Chair; Don Sacco; Richard Walker
F.   Fundraising:  Pat Sakural, Chair; Daniel Bounds; ___________
G.  Gun Shows:  Neil Johnson, Chair; Lance Ryness, ____________
H.  Historian:  Fred Hagenbeek, Chair; Louis Rothenstein; __________
I.    Membership: Tom Walls, Chair; Don Sacco; Daniel Bounds
J.    Parade:  Eugene Palmer, Chair;
K.   Public Affairs:  Lou Rothenstein, Chair; Richard Walker; Fred Hagenbeek
L.   Special Events:  Bob Lough, Chair
M.  State Delegate  Daniel Bounds, Chair; Richard Keirn

7.   Old Business
A.   E-Mail Protocol (John)
B.   Sergeant-of-Arms position.
C.   St. Patrick’s Day - Sons of Erin Parade and Festival, 13-15 March.  Parade participants:  Meet at Henderson Convention Center, 200 South Water Street arrive by 0900 hours, Saturday, 14 March 2015.
D.  Christmas wreaths at Veteran’s Cemetery.  (Tom Walls
E.   Veteran’s stand down support
F.   Buffet dinner at Green Valley, Sunday, 29 March 2015, Reserved for up to 50 people.  Price PER PERSON is $25.00.  Tax and gratuity included.
G.  Henderson Heritage Parade & Festival, 18 April 2014.
H.  New meeting sites.
I.    Any other old business.

8.   New Business:
A.   Certificate for Samuel Villarreal, Director of Facilities, Southeast Clinic.
B.   Supplies for March fundraisers.  Person in charge of each fundraiser.
C.   50th Vietnam Veteran’s Commemoration, Fort Irwin, 18 April 2015.
D.  Board of Director’s meetings open to membership.
E.   Local politicians making presentations at meetings.
F.   Disposition of personal donations made to the Chapter.  (Chapter Activities Fund)
G.  Chapter Family Picnic at Crossroads Park, Henderson (Stephanie and 215) Date/Time TBA.
H.  Open House/Meeting combination.  Meeting open to family and friends.  Date/Time TBA
I.    Price from Cal on a one-page handout for information and recruitment.
J.    Any other new business.

9.   Open Forum

10.    Announcements/Raffle

11.    Salute to the Colors

12.    Adjourn Meeting

General Membership Meeting
12 February 2015

Officers Present:                                                                                           Tony Pinkard
John Scaduto                                                                                                  Lou Rothenstein
Bob Lough                                                                                                       Cal Haggen
Tina Sansouci-Excused                                                                                    Dan Bounds
Tom Walls                                                                                                        Dave Hugus
Don Sacco
Richard Walker

New Members Introduced:
G. Greco-USA                                                                                    Joe Foughner-USMC             
Bob Serge-USN                                                                      Hank Reifenheiser-USN
J. Hisey-USAF                                                                        Kurt Hasson-USA
James Scott-USA                                                                    Mike Moroslu
Richard Voll-USA                                                                  Louise Smith-USA
David Smith-USN

Call to Order-President Scaduto

Opening Ceremonies
Salute to the colors
Opening Prayer

Roll call of Officers and Directors

Financial Report given by Tony Pinkard, motion to accept Mitch Roach, seconded by Dan Bounds, carried.

President Scaduto asked Dave Hugus to give a presentation on the chapter budget and constitution and by-laws, after much discussion a motion by Don Sacco to strike the $250.00 from the budget Christmas Party and raise the cost, seconded by Cal Haggen, additional discussion motion carried 18 to 15.  The motion to use funds from the 50/50 drawing to support the Christmas Party withdrawn.

Motion by Mitch Roach to limit the term for the office of President and Vice President, second by Pat Sakurai, carried.


Question by VP Lough on the unexpired term of a BOD as stated in Art. 3 Section 6B, fill by the BOD and general membership at the next general membership meeting. Motion by VP Lough, seconded by
Spivey, carried.

Directors terms 1, 2 and 3 years, Cal Haggen elected for one year will stand for three years, motion by VP Lough, seconded                        , carried.

Discussion on self-nominations from the floor no action taken.

Neil Johnson volunteered to be a member of the BOD, motion to accept VP Lough, second by Bob Siege, carried.

Additional motion on term limits by Lance Ryness for the one and two year directors, seconded by Tom Walls, carried.

Pat Sakurai then gave a run down on up-coming activities of the Chapter and as always as the membership for their assistance.  Activities mentioned were fund raisers at Smith’s food and Drug Stores, Gun Show for Saturday and Sunday 15 & 15 February at South Point.

Tom Walls then reported on Membership and how the chapter is doing using recruiting tables:
8 Jan, passed out 8 applications
12 Jan, 2 additional sending 8 in all to National
28 Jan, 2 additional  applications to National
As of 12 February VVA 1076 has 97 members, and with 3 transfers we are unofficially over 100

President Scaduto as for volunteers to set up a Parade Committee, more to follow

Lou Rothenstein commented on public affairs, and ways to get the Chapter into the public eyesight, also assistance from RJ reporter Keith Rogers, and an article in next month’s Veteran Reporter on VVA Chapter 1076.

Special Events:  VP Lough talked on the upcoming city council Meeting 17 march 2015 where Mayor Hafen will make a proclamation on VVA 1076 Day.  The Heritage Day Parade on 18 April 2015.  Next the Sons of Erin activities 13 -15 March 2015.

State Delegate Dan Bounds then thanked all the members of VVA 1076 and VVA 17 for the well wishes and cards following his recent illness, and commented on the activities of the State Delegates meeting taking place 27 & 28 Feb 2015 at the Fiesta Henderson, VFW Post 3848 and the new restaurant Sauces on 28 Feb 2015, all members are invited to attend.

President Scaduto spoke on locations for new meeting places since the chapter is growing so fast and will require more space for general membership meetings, more discussion to follow the locations were:
Facilities at Railroad Pass
Oasis Church at Russell Rd and the 95
American Legion Post 40
VFW Post 3848


A short discussion was held on the new VA Choice Card and its proper use, the general membership was informed that until better and more information is put out by the VA, before use of the card check with the VA to avoid any charges that may be denied by the VA and require the member to pay.

Motion by Dan Bounds to reimburse Secretary Tina Sansouci $103.48 for the purchase of supplies in the performance of her duties, seconded by VP Bob Lough, carried.

VP Lough thanked the Chapter for the flowers on the loss of his Mother and Son
Pat Sakurai requested he be replaced as the fund raising chairman by September 2015
Comments on the Veterans Stand-down set for 17 & 18 March 2015 at Cashman Center more info to follow.

Motion by VP Lough to donate $2000.00 to U.S. Vets for the March Stand-down, seconded by Dave Hugus after discussion the motion carried.

Discussion on the website needing a digital hard drive and what is may cost, one was donated.

Mitch Roach donated his winning from the 50/50 raffle back to the Chapter, there being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2120, next meeting 12 March 2015 at VFW Post 3848, unless otherwise notified.

Richard D. Walker, Jr.
Acting Secretary

8 JANUARY 2015
Officers Present:

John Scaduto, President                Tom Walls, Asst. Secretary                 
Tony Pinkard, Treasurer                  David Hugus, Sgt-at-Arms
Fred Hagenbeek, Secretary

New Members Introduced:

Bonnie Forcheskie                            Jim Eberhardt
David Craig                                      Rodney Tamura
Dave Stickler                                    R. J. Dough
David Taylor                                   

Members of Chapter 17: Richard Small, Chapter 17 President; Michael Chase, Chapter 17 Vice-President; Andrew LeDuc, Secretary; Robert Serge, Webmaster; Don Leckburg.

Representatives from “Thank-a-Vet”: David Craig, Paula Carter, and Debra Craig

Salute to the Colors: David Hugus. Opening Prayer: Don Sacco.

Meeting was called to order by VVA 1076 President John Scaduto at 7:00 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Tony Pinkard. Motion was made to accept the report by Marty Barrett. Motion was seconded by Jack Spivey. Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report: At this time, Secretary Fred Hagenbeek submitted his resignation from this position due to current time restraints. Don Sacco made a motion to present Fred with a plaque for his service as Secretary. Motion was seconded by Calvin Haggen. Motion approved.

President Scaduto introduced Paula Carter, Debbie Craig and David Craig of “Thank-a-Vet” who presented Chapter 1076 with a plaque in honor of the Chapter’s $2,000.00 donation during the 2014 Christmas Holiday season.

Letters of Appreciation were read from the following organizations: Catholic War Veterans, Henderson Community Foundation; Veteran’s Court, and Boy Scout Troop.

Committees Created:

Agent Orange: Fred Hagenbeek, Chair
Benevolence/Cemetery: Don Sacco, Chair; Ken Vieth; Tom Walls; Dixie Thompson
Budget: David Hugus, Chair; Anthony Pinkard
By-Laws: David Hugus, Chair
Election: David Hugus, Chair; Don Sacco; Richard Walker
Fundraising: Pat Sakurai, Chair; Daniel Bounds
Gun Shows: Lance and Neil Johnson
Historian: Fred Hagenbeek, Chair; Louis Rothenstein
Membership: Tom Walls, Chair; Don Sacco; Daniel Bounds
Parade: TBD
Public Affairs: Lou Rothenstein, Chair; Richard Walker; Fred Hagenbeek
Special Events: Bob Lough, Chair
State Delegate Daniel Bounds, Chair; Richard Keirn

Term Limits:

By-Law Change: First reading given by David Hugus on proposed Term Limit By-Law change. Change to insert Para 3B to read as follows: “The offices of President and Vice-President may be held by the same person for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms. Any person affected by this provision may run for either office after another person has served one complete term. Second part is to re-letter the following paragraphs.” Comments from various members heard. Vote to be taken at next meeting by show of hands.

Upcoming Activities:

March 13-15: Sons of Erin Irish Parade. Chapter 1076 plans to have a booth and plans to participate in the parade. Question was raised about spouses being allowed to march in parades.

Veteran’s Weekend (Vietnam Veteran’s Day) March 28: V.V.A Chapter 1076 and Chapter 17 will celebrate with a dinner at the Green Valley Casino buffet. Spouses are welcome.

January 30-31: Von’s, Boulder City
March 27-29: Smith’s, Valle Verde and 215
May 22-24: - Von’s, Anthem
July 17-19: Either Wal-Mart on Marks or Albertsons on Stephanie/Horizon Ridge.
September 11-13: Either Wal-Mart on Marks or Albertsons on Stephanie/Horizon Ridge.
October 16-18: Two locations – 1) Smith’s at Windmill/Easter and 2) Smith’s at Eastern and Horizon Ridge

Gun Shows at South Point:
February 14-15;
April 4-5;
May 23-24.

VSO: Veteran’s Service Officer for Chapter 1076. Cost is $150.00 per person. Anyone interested in becoming a VSO will need to pay the $150.0 and when you complete the requirements, Chapter 1076 will reimburse you. For more information, contact Dan Bounds.

DAN BOUNDS, our State Delegate, informed members of the State meeting to be held in Henderson on 28-29 February at the Henderson Pavilion. An Agent Orange representative will be at the State meeting. All members are welcome to attend.

Informal Spouse Participation: Spouses are invited to help with any special events. If your spouse/significant other is willing to help, please let us know.

Member’s Hours: Everything we do for this chapter the hours are sent to State to show we are a non-profit. Travel time to and from, fund raisers, parades, etc.

Supporting VFW: Members are encouraged to support VFW Post 3848 activities (fish fry’s, cook-outs, etc.) as much as they can in appreciation of all they do for us.


Donna Lee announced that we made $20.00 for the Facebook page SalesX, Inc. Possible plans to do this again. The more people who “Like” the page, the more money we can get donated for the Veteran’s Treatment Court. Donna will provide President Scaduto with the page address so it can be sent out to members the next time we do this.

Cal Haggen discussed a reprint of our Chapter brochure. Cost for 500 brochures is $176.76.
After much discussion, cost to cover re-printing was allocated from reserves for office supplies

Guests from VVA Chapter 17:

Andy LeDuc, Secretary of Chapter 17, needs volunteers for Agent Orange Council. This will be a combined effort by both Chapter 17 & Chapter 1076. Meetings to be held at a location on Boulder Hwy in a central location between both Chapters. President will send out information to membership. He also thanked Chapter 1076 for our participation at last year’s gun shows.

Michael Chase, Chapter 17, Vice-President: Complimented Chapter 1076 on their progress as a new Chapter. He invited us to the Chapter 17 Open House at 24 West Cheyenne, on 10 January at 0900.

Robert Serge, Webmaster for Chapters 1076 and 17: Need to get information to him on events so he can put it on our website and blog. Blog for Chapter 1076 during last two months of 2014 had over 22,000 hits. Our Chapter website and blog was viewed by people all over America, South America, and various European countries including Russia and Poland. Anything we want to go on websites, we need to get to him.

Also, Bob is working with a Vietnam veteran gentleman and Ed Matthews for Vietnam Veterans Day 2015. They are trying to put a program together at the Gold Coast that will include music, choreography and military re-enactors. It should be about 90 minutes long. He would like some volunteers. President Scaduto will get information sent to members.

Photo Contest: Bring a picture of yourself when you were in country for newsletter contest. Five pictures and you need to match pictures to name.

Recruiting: Tom Walls asked members to provide him with one potential member’s contact information and he will do the rest to provide the individual with VVA information.

New members interested in receiving the newsletter need to send Lou Rothenstein an e-mail at Loumicsm@yahoo.com to start receiving our newsletter.

Department of Veteran Services: Nevada Veteran’s Legislative Summit on January 22. This is an opportunity for us to have a voice in what our legislature is passing. See their website for more information.

Media Contacts: Veteran’s Radio Show on Saturday mornings to be held at Container Park probably starting end of February. Show time is 12:05 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Three members of this organization are on that radio show

Other media contacts include: Potential member, Chuck Baker, has his own radio show; a Vietnam-era veteran who is a military reporter for the Las Vegas Review Journal; and a widow who runs the Veteran Reporter News. If you have stories get them to Lou Rothenstein and we can get it in circulation.

50/50 Raffle Winner: Lou Rothenstein won $55.00 from the 50/50 raffle.

Military Records:If you are interested in obtaining your military records, go to www.evetrecs.org

Closing Ceremony:

A salute to the colors was done and the meeting was adjourned at 2035 hours.

Secretary, VVA Chapter 1076

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