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This message was sent with high importance.

Just found out some of the original message didn’t come through for some people.  Hope this goes through this time.




Vegas PBS is interested in doing interviews with your memberships for anyone who served during the Vietnam era. You didn’t have to serve in Vietnam as every story is important. We would also like any family member or survivors you may be in contact with as we would like to afford them the opportunity to tell their story. The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 17 has graciously offered up their location to do the interviews. Right now, we have 1 date set with them to have our field team do the interviews. We are set for the 19th of June. The interviews will be edited down to 1 minute spots and will air during “The Vietnam War” documentary that will air in September.

Please coordinate those members who would like to come down and be interviewed. They should bring any memorabilia or photos with them to the interview as we will photograph them for inclusion in the piece. If you have people that need to interviewed either here at the station or in their homes, just let me know and I will coordinate that. Please forward any other organizations POC we can reach out to for this project.

Vegas PBS thanks you for your service and your continued support to our Veterans!


Jim Knudsen

Veteran Services Coordinator, Workforce Training & Economic Development

Command Master Chief U.S. Navy (Ret)

“Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.”   Leo Tolstoy, A Confession


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